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Download Dolphin for the best iPad web browser experience. Dolphin's free iPad browser has tons of exclusive features. Over 50,, total downloads.
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The app also includes a few sync features as well as customization. It does have the occasional hiccup. However, it's usually nothing much to worry about. Truth be told, there isn't much that makes Dolphin Browser particularly special. It's just a solid, above average web browser. Endless Browser. Endless Browser is another excellent third party browser.

You get all of the basics. It's not much to look at in terms of design, but that's not really a huge deal. This is definitely one of the better ones for security and privacy browsing. The app even auto-destroys cookies and local storage only for the browser's data if you want it to. It's a lot like Firefox Focus, actually. Firefox is one of the most popular browsers in the world. Everyone has heard of it. Most people know what it does. The app features the usual array of stuff, including bookmarks, private browsing, search, and more. There is also a cross-platform sync feature with the desktop version of Firefox.

Firefox launched a new version of Firefox in early It's a tad buggy, but it performs better than previous versions. Updates should fix the bugs over time. As usual, Firefox is completely free and also open source. Firefox Focus. Firefox Focus is one of the newer browsers for iPhone and iPad. It is by Mozilla, but this is not the usual Firefox. This one is mostly for security. Some of the features include ad-blocking, tracker blocking, and various other privacy and security additions.

The app even deletes your browser history at the touch of a button. It strikes a good balance between functionality and privacy. It doesn't have as many features as the standard Firefox in terms of pure usability.

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However, Firefox Focus is a home run for those who worry about privacy. More web browsers here! Web browsers for Linux is a bit of a difficult topic. There are so many distros out there and most browsers don't support all of them. That makes choosing these a little bit difficult. However, …. We don't need to tell you how important web browsers are on computers.

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It's one of the main functions of a computer, after all. There aren't a whole ton of web browser options and chances …. Ghostery Privacy Browser. Ghostery is a big name in the privacy game. The company has a successful line of extensions and add-ons for Firefox and Chrome. The browser is a full-fledged app with the same features. It gives you exemplary control over things like trackers, scripts, and similar things.

Of course, it also does the basics pretty well. It's a lighter and cleaner experience than most. However, there is a trade-off. You don't get as many features when you run a lightweight solution. Ghostery is pretty decent overall, especially if you don't need anything super powerful. Google Chrome. Google Chrome is the world's most popular browser. Thankfully, it's also pretty good.

The app features cross-platform syncing, voice search, incognito mode privacy browsing , unlimited tabs, and more.

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You can even export your passwords and use them in other apps, a rare feature in this space. Google Chrome makes its bones by being among the best at the basics. Admittedly, iOS is among the weakest platforms for Google Chrome. It tends to work better on Windows, Android, and Linux.

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However, it's still among the ten best browsers for iPhone and iPad. Microsoft Edge. Everybody gets shocked when Microsoft Edge ends up on lists like this one. We don't see the big deal, though. Microsoft launched its Windows 10 browser to iTunes and Android. The app is actually pretty good. The app does the basics well and also includes cross-platform syncing, an integrated QR code reader, voice search, and an InPrivate mode privacy browsing. The syncing needs a little fine tuning.

However, it's otherwise a very capable browser.

Dolphin Browser

Internet Explorer is dead and this is not that. Opera Mini. Now, the gestures. These are user-defined web shortcuts that you can invoke by drawing your finger on the screen. Dolphin comes with a few: Almost every browser command you can think of can be given a gesture to control it, including advanced stuff like toggling Private Mode, showing the History, and clearing the Cache.

Let’s Not use Dolphin Browser as it records us in incognito mode

I would be impressed enough with the basic navigation commands, but including all these advanced ones means you can, if you wish, control Dolphin entirely with gestures. All of this adds up to one thing: Dolphin is made for browsing while moving , and is really very good at it. Gestures remove that problem at, um, a stroke. Your only challenge, if you set lots of them up, is remembering them all. I have only one minor complaint about Dolphin: That aside, if iOS offered us any kind of option for changing default applications, I would probably have made Chrome my default iPhone browser a long time ago.

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