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I just had the same issue not too long ago, and apperently you cant get to the battery because it is built in. Luckily I was able to find something.
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The Japanese electronics firm has partnered with Californian adaptive charging company Qnovo to put technology into its Xperia smartphones. This includes the new top-end Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact, which Sony reckons will double the life of the battery to around four years. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Sony. Reuse this content. Most popular. It can be a bad charger, a bad battery or even the phone itself.

Did this just suddenly happen or were you having any problems before it refused to turn on or charge? Had your phones battery shown any signs that it was going out such as charging very fast or draining too quickly? Make sure that they are clean and that there is no sign of damage and if you have access to another charger then try using it to charge your phone just to try ruling out the charger as the culprit.

For some more tips that you may find helpful. Otherwise that article should also help to point you in the right direction to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. Did the trick vol down didn't work after few attempts did vol up and worked straight away thank you very much. Those types if issues can be really difficult to solve yourself though as they can be quite serious.

Many smartphones will display a warning sign during a software update warning the user not to unplug or power off the device during the update process as the phone needs to finish what its doing. When i try to turn the phone on, it just gives a small vibrate, that's it.

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When i apply your tips f. If i do the same but with my volume down button, i get the same as the method with the UP button but this time the green light shows itself shortly. I also tried, tip from another website, to plug in my phone and then hold down the power button and the volume button up,, then the blue light lits permanently for as long as my phone is plugged in, if I remove the charger, the blue light disappears. I received the phone on Christmas last year, and it happened after I changed my Sim- card, if that is of any help.

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A small vibration is often better than nothing at all… a vibrate usually signifies that the phone is booting up or trying to boot up. When I power up my Android a Samsung Galaxy S4 it vibrates, the blue light appears after about 10 seconds and stays lit for about 6 seconds and then turns off.

Good explanation of your issue by the way, a lot of details, which can help find the best solution. If you get it to vibrate wait for a minute and call your phone with a different phone number will your Xperia ring? If you can get it power on without the SIM or better yet if you have access to another SIM from the same wireless carrier that you can try and it works then you can narrow it down to a SIM problem and you can go into a local store for your Wireless carrier or an authorized retailer and get a replacement SIM usually for free and be up and running again.

It could be that the phone malfunctioned or that the battery has malfunctioned which would stink because you have had your phone for more than a year and are no longer covered under the manufactures warranty. If you plug your phone into a computer does the computer give you any response? Will it pick it up as a removable hard drive or media device?

Sometimes Smartphones Require Smart Solutions

So begin by getting it to vibrate, waiting for a minute and then giving it a call from another phone number, if it rings, then you probably just need to replace the display. If you have tried both methods for the simulated battery pull which you have then try charging it all night, try the Sony software mentioned in the article above and in this post, as well as trying to boot it without the SIM card.

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Hopefully that will narrow things down even more. I have the xperia e1, and i already tried to plug the phone into my computer, but the installation program run by windows can't recognize the phone, nor its program I would like to thank you already for your quick response and you're detailed answer; Thank you. However it didnt work for me, the second suggestion worked, pull out the behind part of ur phone so you can see the sim card etc, u will find a yellow circle with the words "OFF", use something pointed to press on it.

Your phone should vibrate within three seconds. Make sure that your charger is not connected to your phone until you have waited for at least 30 seconds after your phone vibrates. Thanks a lot man! My Xperia C was stuck and it wasn't getting switched on Thanks a ton to you, it started functioning again.

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Then, i accidentally dropped my phone, and it worked properly again. Yesterday, my phone which was running well turned all black i don't know why and still is until now.

I can operate the phone but It is so dark i still can play music and still can hardly see the writings on the screen when there are lights. I've tried your suggestions holding the volume down and power button simultaneously but it leaded to a screenshot, i also tried holding the volume up and power button simultaneously but it leaded to an increase of the volume. Its powering ON. But Only Sony welcome Screen is coming and then screen turning into black.. After that if I long press power button then phone is not responding at all..

And Then if I remove the battery and reinsert and try to press power button then again Sony welcome Screen is coming and the screen turning into black. I tried the phone to put in flashmode and flashboot mode.. Its not entering in either of the Modes Its not even entering into recovery Mode also..

I have sony xperia L, when i checked the phone it didn't respone. I locked my xperia c after use but when i tried to unlock it the phone showed no response. When i connected my phone to a charger it shows red light but the mobile is not turning on.. Please tell me what to do. Hello, ive an xperia t, ive tried all the ways that was explained in your data, fron previous comments, stil no avail It did the same a few months ago and i did the hold power on button and put i the charger when the red light is flashing and it power..!!

I did what you said and it vibrated three time but after that it wouldnt turn on and it will not light up even when i plug it in to charge help!!!! Thank you!

Hi I have an xperia sp. Yesterday while using my phone when it was charging it froze and therefore I clicked the lock button after that I clicked the lock button in hopes my phone had unfroze however it wouldn't not come on thinking it was nothing major I let my phone charge and went to sleep after waking up 3 hours later my phone would still not come on. I've been trying all day but it still hasn't come on plzzz helpppp!!!!!

Make sure that you follow ALL of the advice in the guide above. Make sure that when you are attempting a simulated battery pull that the phone is unplugged from the charger or it may not work. Make sure to also read the comments by other readers as well for some additional suggestions. If this is the situation that you are in then make sure to review some of the options listed HERE for some advice on what choices may be available.

My sony xperia sl suddenly blacked out when i wanted to charge it because the battery left was 8 percent.. Skip to main content. All you need to do is a simulated battery pull A simulated battery pull will simply tell the phone to reboot, to turn itself off and then back on. It worked Thank you so much James Bond- on Xperia X10 up volume and power button held did it for me thank you so much All the best Dan.

Your welcome Dan, Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and let others know that to use the Volume Up and Power buttons on the Xperia X10 model. Hi Danny, That sounds an awful lot like a software issue as opposed to a hardware problem which is good as there will be a better chance of fixing it. This has made me very happy.

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Thank you so much! Life saver. Thanks so much for the suggestion. I hope that helps. Hey there. Any other ideas? Thanks, eh? Hi Jessica, Sorry to hear that your having power issues with your Sony Xperia. You, sir, are a savior! Thank you in advance. Hi Niels, A small vibration is often better than nothing at all… a vibrate usually signifies that the phone is booting up or trying to boot up.

Good luck Niels, if there is anything else I can do to try and help just let me know. Thanks James - volume up worked for me! End of stress: Thank you so much it took a couple of attempts but it worked! Experia T. Thank you wonderful. Your name. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. More information about text formats. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.

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